What if everything that could go wrong does…?

Have you ever had a day that seems to be precisely what Murphy’s Law was all about? Where all of your plans and goals for the day no longer make any sense. And you end up moving from problem to problem before you can even consider solutions. Today seems to be that type of day.

More construction on our street has led to major disruption and has lasted for more than one day. We are unable to park close to our own home and now we have wickedly cold weather, high winds, and blowing snow. Who knows if the car will even start and certainly will require some shovelling out.

The noise of the heavy duty machinery being used is off the charts. Aside from rendering concentration to write virtually impossible, my terrified cat is desperately trying to find the ultimate spot to hide from all of this. However, everywhere she goes, the noise does not subside so she is constantly seeking me out and I have tripped over her many times.

No bruises yet for either myself or the cat!

Vibrations from the trench being dug across from our home seemed to have caused little screws in my office bookcase to work their way loose. Amid the cacophony of construction from outside, we heard a tremendous crash that came from inside of the house. Bounding up the stairs to see what happened, I was dismayed to find books cascading all across the floor. The book case had fallen apart and didn’t appear salvageable.

Apparently the fix will require a special type of screw so with books now stacked all over the floor of my office, I am trying to pretend this atmosphere is serene enough to write in. Once I finally achieve a sense of calm, it is quickly interrupted and followed by loud noise from the earth diggers outside. This is accompanied by an eerie shaking throughout our older house that worries me. Dust I didn’t know was even here has been loosened and lightly covers floors and furnishings.

Now there is a water problem. I am sure we could have predicted that one. It is unclear how many more days of this we have to get through but after trying to find escape by watching television, it seems that all of our problems are minuscule compared to what is happening in so many parts of our world.

A good reminder about the importance of putting life’s challenges in perspective. Happy Wednesday!

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