Life imitates the Stock Market

Since the declaration of the pandemic, the stock market has dipped lower and lower. Being a recent retiree, this has created considerable anxiety as I have watched my life savings plummeting, then recovering, only to plunge downward once again. My financial advisor has made several sage suggestions – don’t track your investments daily; recognize that you haven’t lost anything until you sell, and above all else – practice good self-care to reduce anxiety.

New routines, acts of incredible compassion and kindness along with the beginnings of adjustment to our new normal seem to be accompanied daily by tragic circumstances and chaos. The past few weeks have felt like we have either been travelling on a wicked roller coaster or that our lives have been mimicking the drastic swings of the stock market. It is disconcerting to say the least. Thankfully, we have also seen many high points…

We have seen an outpouring of appreciation for so many in our communities as we work collectively towards a common goal. We are appreciative of our health care workers who are guiding us through this pandemic and working hard at preparations in the event that this pandemic becomes worse than it already is. Many homes in our community sing, pound on pots, ring bells when the health care worker shift change occurs each evening at 7:00 p.m. For some people, it is also a time to safely say hello to neighbours.

There are so many unsung heroes that are worthy of our gratitude and appreciation. It is heartening to see the recognition being given for those in our world who previously have been the “invisible” work force. The collective awareness of work being done by our grocery store clerks, those who maintain our water, power, and sewage systems, our sanitation engineers, transit workers, and so many others whose work is essential and often unappreciated whose contributions are now being celebrated.

These moments of positivity, though are punctuated at times by sadness. From learning the daily death tolls that come from around the globe, the devastation this virus has had on the elderly in nursing homes, and the constantly shifting information that we hear about this virus day to day. Some of the lows also come from the politicization of this world challenge, having to watch protests over stay at home orders, and all of the game play that world power brokers and politicians indulge in at our expense.

The events in our lives seem to be moving from high points to low ones in a similar manner to the current fluctuations on the stock market.

This past week our country sustained another devastating crash as we have had to bear witness to what has been the worst mass murder in our nation’s history. Everyone has been stunned by the senseless killing compounded by our current experience of collective grieving. Our nation is moving as one and sending heartfelt messages to the victims of this crime and that has caused such searing pain to so many families. This has been further complicated by the physical distancing measures still in place.

How do we make sense of the many highs and lows that we are living through right now?

We all need constant reminders that just like the stock market that we will indeed, recover. This can only be done when we stand together. We each have a role to look out for one another and look after ourselves. Stay well and safe!

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