Navigating the New Normal

There was a point in this pandemic a couple of weeks ago when there were a plethora of examples of heartwarming and touching gestures that showed us how humans can connect and care for one another. From firefighters driving their trucks to the home of a child on his sixth birthday to provide celebratory greetings, to a quartet playing concertos outside a seniors assisted living facility to cheer locked in residents.

Windows filled with Hearts. Sidewalk chalk messages of hope and encouragement. Banging on pots and pans at the 7:00 p.m. shift change in healthcare settings. Good news stories have served as an antidote to buffer us from the information being shared about the pandemic 24/7 on our news channels. Stories of human compassion motivate us to stay the course for the common good.

It has been heartening to see some politicians behaving in the interests of their constituents and not playing politics at this chaotic and challenging time. Governments around the world have released resources to help people from many walks of life. And people across the globe were staying apart in order to help one another stay healthy and safe.

Countries were sending support and aid to one another and for a short period of time, it seemed as though sensitivity and decency was the silver lining in what we have been collectively experiencing. As the world moves forward to re-opening, it seems as though we are now running a three legged race. A few positive steps forward, with some jolting steps back. We have seen a mix of both the best and the worst forms of human behaviour.

Citizens living in one of the most heavily impacted nations demanding the lifting of restrictions by using assault weapons to reinforce their point on the steps of a legislature building. Another set of finger pointing exercises, veiled racism, and the spread of political conspiracies have emerged to take the place of humans simply wanting to help one another. Criticism, and harsh indictments without real substance, threaten our ability to treat others as we would wish to be treated.

Moving into this new normal means collectively we need to be strong in order to persevere in the face of selfishness, power mongering, and blatant insensitivity. Our health and well being depend on our willingness to place the simple act of caring for one another above politics, power, and greed. Let’s stand strong in the face of all of these distractions so we can get through these trying times together. Every action that you take to look after yourself as well as others is where our real power lies. Please make it count.

Stay healthy and stay safe!

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