Catching our breath

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Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes…including you

Anne Lamott

Have you noticed an uptick with your neighbours, or friends, family members talking more about their theories of what might transpire when the kids return to school. Do your conversations now include discussions about the number of active cases of COVID-19 infections as handily as we used to discuss the weather? How often do you find yourself checking online after local health officials release the number of new and recovered cases in your community?

Our news feeds seem full of angry vitriol about what we should or should not be doing to move forward during this pandemic. Whether we should wear a mask or not. Or whether we should provide an economic hand up to those in need. This seems to be set against a backdrop of ongoing images of violence from the United States along with the ramping up of political rhetoric that is moving towards a tsunami of hatred.

At times it seems we have been caught in some strange gravitational pull into a vortex of negative news.

How do we step back from it all and regain our equilibrium?

It seems that we all need to take a collective step back, pause, and regain some balance. Return to a world that has people showing compassion for one another regardless of our identity. A world that once again cares about the environment, and no longer politicizes a public health threat. Finding our footing these days requires a tremendous amount of intentional emotional and psychological energy.

The most sensible strategy seems to be to simply put a pause on all of the outside noise and go analog for a few days. I have found that consciously seeking out opportunities to engage in acts of kindness, generosity, and show empathy for those around me also helps to reset. Writing, and other creative pursuits not only take up these spaces where negativity seems to have infiltrated my life but serve to remind me about the things that work to help me regain balance.

What will you do to reset during these difficult times?

Stay healthy and safe!

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