Permission to take a deep breath…and

The world seems to be spinning faster and faster, veering out of control, and heading to who knows where. The irony is that most of us are not even in it unless we are masked, six feet apart, and are only out for some type of essential purpose. We are isolated, working from home, worrying about things we may not be able to see and certainly are unable to control.

News cycles bring more negativity even when we should be celebrating certain events like the change in United States Presidency (finally!). Actually, the end of an era south of the border seemed like it might have no end. And who knows if the constant chaos will continue to reign triumphant due to bitter seeds sown of hatred, racism, and greed now fuelled by so many.

New variants of Covid, not enough production capacity to produce vaccines, bizarre weather patterns bringing temperatures to warm then plunging into frigid arctic cold, all accompanied by a simmering anger that so many are indulging in. Protests that seem to pop up daily with no real solutions and thoughts for change that might benefit all of us.

Political shell games, ruthless economic decisions, and the grinding list on the negative news cycles that seems to be endless. Conspiracies perpetuated on social media that seemingly intelligent people believe, and share which just serves to fuel the spread of both inane and vitriolic theories like greased lightening. Good grief!

Rest, refilling our wells to live our lives in a positive way, seems critical whether we are isolated or not. Sometimes doing nothing may be the best thing we could do for both ourselves and others.

Stay healthy and safe!

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