Objects in the rearview mirror..

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

One can only wonder after watching the horrifying events at the United States capitol during the first week of January, about the legacy the former president leaves behind and how he will be remembered. Even as this final chapter concludes with yet another surreal political event as the GOP has failed to uphold impeachment charges for “incitement of insurrection”, it seems like the United States will remain deeply divided for a long period of time.

Once the brakes were finally used to stop this man’s penchant for using social media as a vehicle to unleash a litany of questionable statements and at times, incendiary rhetoric, things seemed to have toned down. This does little to distract from the likelihood that he will fail to be held to account for the fatalities that occurred on January 6th or the trauma imposed on public servants and indeed, the country. And given the power that he seems to hold within the Republican party, the muting of his voice is likely only temporary.

To an outsider, the past four years of American politics have seemed like a bizarre farce playing out on a reality type television show. With the second impeachment trial now concluded, and millions of individuals still standing firm in their populist, racist, destructive viewpoints, I can’t help wonder and perhaps, worry that what this man has done will not in fact be understood with accuracy but instead glorified.

I hope that this object in the rearview mirror does not appear larger than it really is.

Stay healthy and safe!

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