Turbulence on the way

Photo by stein egil liland on Pexels.com

The greatest danger in times of turbulence is not the turbulence; it is to act with yesterday’s logic.

Peter F. Drucker

Somehow I feel like we have been in this space before. Worried, nervous, fearful, uncertain. Moving towards the “fourth wave”, hoping that in this giant ship our vaccines have been disguised as life jackets. Will they keep us safe? We threw away the other public health measures. It’s like try to navigate the high seas without a compass to guide the way.

Do we have to isolate, lock down again? Really, why can’t people just work together.

School is starting soon and anxiety is amplified. Whether you believe this is going to be a problem or not, it seems that everyone has an opinion and feels compelled to share their beliefs. And the individual holding on to those beliefs is without doubt and certain that they are the only correct ones to have.

What about shaming and blaming? Does it help? I am left wondering what our lives would be like if we were just kinder to one another. Worked towards societal collaboration. That doesn’t seem to be a viable option for many.

If we were flying in an airplane and we were about to move through turbulence, a pilot would tell us what was going to happen, what we needed to do, and encourage us by indicating that all would be okay. We would quietly pray, hope, ignore what is happening, talk through it, or simply go to sleep. But we would all do the same thing so that at the end of the rocky ride we could land safely together.

We seem to missing a pilot for this upcoming turbulent ride. I wonder if that is all we are missing.

Stay healthy and safe!

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