Writer’s Curiosity Drives Creativity

Photo by Trinity Kubassek on Pexels.com

Curiosity sparks creativity and that, in turn, leads to a self-sustaining system: Creative questions lead to curiosity, and curious questions lead to creativity.

Daphne Gray-Grant

In order to flourish, writers need to embrace curiosity. For most of us, being curious was a constant companion during our childhood years. Asking the critical questions, why? or what if? sparks a kind of wondering that takes us down a path where the stories we tell take root from those naturally curious questions we ask of ourselves and everything in the world around us.

Learning about things we don’t have the answers for, shapes the story telling process. And creativity begets creativity. Writers often follow threads like novelty, complexity, conflict or surprise that help them weave a piece of art. And this process may serve to lead us towards that coveted place in our minds where we achieve a state of “flow.” That mental space where words fly from our fingers to the page faster than we can get them down.

But to remain in a curious state, we are required to suspend several things. We must release judgement, strong negative emotions, and above all, apathy. Stories take shape when we seek knowledge, a way of seeing people, things, and places as we never have before. Being curious encourages us to strive to put into language things that are unspeakable and that we may have been blocked from seeing in some way.

Asking the questions we have about the world around us can unlock the way we think just enough to catch those sparks of creativity that we look for to start our stories. And we can also use this process to understand our own unique stories. To uncover those inner aspects of our lives that we haven’t previously thought about could suddenly makes sense to us in a story format.

Indeed, taking a different approach to developing an understanding of what makes people tick, of why things unfold the way they do, may make our small part of the world feel slightly different. Story telling keeps us feeling alive so learning new ways to become more curious will help us to become attuned for those moments that ignite our creative impulses.

And if we develop an intentional practice of becoming curious in our lives, we will be able to cultivate this so it shines like a beacon in our work inspiring readers to become curious and care about our words. Why not? Happy writing!

Stay healthy and safe!

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