It’s okay to take a snow day!

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Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes… including you.

Anne Lamott

We likely all encounter those moments in life where we wish to bury our heads under the covers, forget responsibilities and obligations, and just hope for the best.

When the weather outside is so bitter, it is dangerous to venture outside without risking frostbite.

When too many items are precariously piled on our to do lists and you long to simply snap your fingers and wish it all away.

When you don’t seem to be able to gain traction and get started on a project you have wanted to work on for awhile.

When you spend a lot of time reminding yourself that you should be doing something that you don’t actually wish to do.

When we were children, this was the kind of day that we loved. A snow day – time to stay home and build forts in the living room and bake cookies in the kitchen.

Learning when it is time for a pause, for a rest, to unplug and recharge never seems to come easily for us in our adult years. So when you are able to acknowledge that you are feeling a bit overwhelmed and feel like you are just spinning your tires, it is truly alright to just pause. To stop, breathe, and regroup.

No judgement. No internal arguments. Just suspend all of your self-imposed pressures to get things done and give yourself permission to take a well deserved rest.

Actually glancing outside and looking at the ice crystals suspended in the frozen air, today seems like it will be a perfect snow day.

Stay warm, stay safe!!

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