The Magic of the Mundane

“mundane, adj. – 1. ordinary, everyday, humdrum 2. of this world, not of heaven.”

Canadian Collins Gage Dictionary

During this festive season we may find ourselves frantically searching for the perfect gift or attending yet another social event. We may be anxiously planning and preparing for our family and friends to sit down and celebrate by having a spectacular holiday meal. It can be a welcome relief to step back out of the fray.

Driven by the forces of crass consumerism, managing our expectations for this festive season becomes truly challenging. Finding parking spots and braving crowds of Christmas shoppers, can induce panic and overwhelm. Being able to remember what you learned in a mindfulness course and actually apply those skills can be beyond our capabilities in the moment.

Taking the time to appreciate what we already do have and the routines that we engage in on a daily basis can be like applying a healing salve to our souls. True reflection on what we often miss by being too busy, too overwhelmed, or too anxious, can take a back seat to what happens in our daily lives.

Take a moment to reflect on the last 24 hours, what did you see, what did you hear, what did you feel, and what were you able to connect with?

Did you notice the rich aroma when your coffee was brewing? Savour and enjoy that first delicious sip?

Catch a glimpse of purple and pink streaks lining the sky at sunrise through frost covered glass?

Hear the neighbourhood children playfully teasing each other while walking to catch the school bus?

Watching the dish soap bubbles pop and move while doing the dishes?

Being amazed by your cat’s ability to contort into yoga poses while preparing to settle into an easy chair and go to sleep?

Finding a new wrinkle on your loved one’s face, reminding you of how long and deep your love for them truly is?

All of these things which may happen in our moment to moment lives, are easily taken for granted. They are just the ordinary aspects of life, the background noise, what always happens, and we often consider them to be just mundane. With the pressure and emphasis to create and manage many expectations during this festive season, we might just miss the magic of the mundane which fills our daily lives.

Let’s take the time in our busy lives to step back and appreciate the magic of the mundane.

Best wishes for a Happy Holiday season!!

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